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Our Exclusive DRWIMABEAUTY ® HAIR COMPLEX OIL supports hair vitality and stimulates growth from the scalp down to the hair ends. It is recommended for all hair types. & Safe for color-treated hair.

Major Benefits:

  • Penetrates hair to help stimulate growth, strength and shine
  • Locks in moisture


1. Use the glass dropper to collect some of the complex from the bottle and apply 2-3 drops (per spot) all over your entire scalp.
2. use your clean fingers, gently massage the complex into your scalp for about 4 minutes. Give special focus, when massaging, to the bald spots(s).
3. Once your whole scalp is oiled, wash your hands and cover your hair with a shower cap. This traps heat and enables the oils to penetrate deeper into the hair follicles.
4. Wait for about minimum 45 minutes then rinse your hair.You can also leave it overnight without rinsing your hair.
5. Since this is a daily scalp massage, you don’t need to wash your hair every day. Just wash it every 2 days. You can use a dry shampoo to keep your hair looking non-oily
When Will I See Results?
You will see improvements within 1 month of use. Keep using it without fail because consistency is key here! Length difference will be seen in 3/4 months. It may seem like a long time but time flies, friends! Don't get lazy!


Questions & Answers

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  • Do you have a list of ingredients for the hair complex oil? Thank you!

    it includes oils known to stimulate hair growth and a healthy scalp:
    castor oil, jojoba, moringa , grapeseed, and a complex of essential oils that do the same like lavendar, cedarwood, peppermint

  • How can i buy a hair complex oil can i know the measurements and how to pay

    you can order on www.drwimashop.com
    and if you are in casablanca: pink bar salon
    and in morocco: www.mahasbeautyshop.ma

  • Bonjour , j’aimerai savoir si l huile est compatible avec l’allaitement? merci

    if you agree breastfeeding and/or pregnant, i recommand you limit your use to 1 pipette per day for your entire scalp if necessary