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  • Do have miracle bust plz if you dont can you try im from morocco marrakech

    hello, we do not carry "miracle bust" but i do advise with an alternative which is fenugreek and/or maca, a much cheaper alternative with equivalent ingredients

  • hello Dr Wima , please i need your advice , i have stretch marks in my butt area , and i dont know what can i use to remove them , so please can you help me if you know an affective product or DIY , thank you very much

    i advise with using a coffee scrub in-shower twice weekly
    putting vitamin e oil 70,000 (sundown) and going over it with a 2.00 mm derma roller
    it will take time and will not make the stretch marks disappear completely so for faster results, i suggest laser treatment

  • Bonsoir Doc , quels sont les vitamines que vous pouvez conseiller à une femme qui veut tomber enceinte ? Merci

    to help prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy , it is recommended to take zinc 50 mg daily , folic acid 600 mcg - 800 mcg daily, vitamin C 500 mg daily , vitamin E 50 mg and Omega 3 fish oil . in general, keep a healthy well balanced diet

  • hello , can i know how to confirm that i've send money in your account , i mean can you read all our mails ?

    yes i definitly can. payment emails are high priority

  • bonsoir DR WIMA, i love you so much je suis kawthar du Maroc , c'est la première fois que je veux passer une commande chez toi je voulais avoir ton avis par rapport à ces deux produits : je te suis sur snap , j'ai vu que tu utilise bcp leBOOTEA MATCHA GREEN TEA , est ce que tu as eu des résultats? sinon pour le byby krisha wiat loss BOOTEA aussi je veux savoir est qu'il est efficace ou pas ? je voulais te demander aussi des informations concernant le paiement et la livraison. sinon merci bcp , you're so cuuuuuuuuuute and i love you dans l'attente de ta réponse

    Thank you Kawthar! love you too!

    Matcha Tea in the mornings is a great addition to a healthy diet and consistent exercise. it helps burn fat, gives energy and gives a feeling of satiety longer.
    BYEBYEKRICHA is a great set to get you motivated, these products i have accummulated with time as i see them effective, triple fat burner has 3 teas - burns fat and gives energy (if you have high blood pressure/cardiac issues - consult with your doctor first. ) use it with omega fish oil for better absorption , detox teas also give energy and burn fat also, also help excrete toxins that get stored in the body out.
    the ann chery waist trainer is my favorite investment for weight loss, you have to be patient and use it as long as you can, especially while walking/exercising.

  • Hello wima, i wanna ask you what u think about opalescence theet whitening. Is it better than crest strips ? Thank you

    Not necessarily, the result with opalescence is faster than crest 3d whitestrips (8 days of treatment vs. 14 or 20 days of crest 3d) - opalescence causes more sensitivity and risk of inflammation than crest strips

  • hi dr wima i have a dry hair can you give a names of shampoo and conditionner and oils and vitamins for the type of my hair

    hello :)
    for dry hair, you will need hair masks about 2 times a week... organic coconut oil is great and also, the "rescue me" hair mask by leyla milani hair is a great choice.
    as for shampoo, i would suggest the OGX keratin therapy shampoo or anything with coconut / argan base.

  • Est ce que hair complex oil a un resultat même pour les cheveux secs ?

    yes absolutely, it is full with hydrating oils, especially if you mix it with coconut oil

  • Hey doc wima, hope u doing fine. I want you, if u don't mind,to explain to me how do you know that it's me who paid for a product that i ordered. Is it about the name of who put the money in your account or something else ... thank you and we looove youu

    you will send me the copy of the receipt and the number of your order by email drwimapayments@gmail.com

  • Hello our beautiful dr, I have a Q plz ❤️ Can I use the hair complex oil with the keratine treatment ? I mean I did the keratine 4 days ago and I don’t know if I keep using my HCO or not !!

    it will not have a bad effect but you should know that oils are never recommended in order to keep the effect of keratin . when you are doing the HCO treatment, it is best to not have any chemicals, any heat to your hair, minimal styling to see the best results

  • hello, est ce que possible de mettre un bain d'huile de HCO durant toute la nuit et se laver les cheveux le lendemain? est ce que le HAIR TAMIN peut augmenter le taux de rétention d 'eau dans le corps (une nutritionniste qui me l'a dit) thanks in advance for your feedback

    yes it is actually ideal to keep the HCO mask overnight
    for the hairtamin side effect of water retention, it is unlikely , the supplement has no ingredient that is known to do that but it is best to follow your nutritionist's instructions.

  • Hello dr wima i just want to ask you about large pores , how can i treat them . And suggest me a good foundation for combo skin . Thank you

    for large pores, i suggest you use a clarisonic cleanser daily with cetaphil and alternate a salicylic wash (neutrogena acne wash) . also use clay masks twice weekly . the best known to shrink pores is the aztec clay one but there are others in kiehl's , the body shop . i found that swiping your porous area with tea tree oil every other night also helps. 

  • Hello doctor wima ; I need your advice please ; Recently i treated my hair with taninoplastie i don't know if you have hear about it before ...The procedure consists of smoothing and moisturizing the hair in a natural way, avoiding the excessive use of chemicals it has no formol ; the question now is my hair is getting so weak and tired and falling... Recently i heared about the magical hair complex oil now i am asking if i use it, is it going to remove the taninoplasty treatment or it do not affect it ? And my second question is. What is the procedure if i want to send an order... Can i pay it on delivery ..i am from rabat morocco. Hope you see and answer my questions.. And thank you so much ..

    i am not very familiar with taninoplasty but i would say that the hair oil may affect the treatment as any oil would . i suggest using it after you have enough of the taninoplasty,
    to order www.drwimashop.com
    you pay within the few days. you send us the receipt by email with your order#. we prepare your order. you should receive an email from us with the amana code in 20 business days when it arrives to morocco and passes customs and amana delivers it to you in 3 days .

  • Cc dr wima Permets moi de te dire que tu es une personne formidable ,aimante et aimable Ton hco est une tuerie, j ai pu récuperer mes beaux cheveux grace au partage de ta Routine capilaire avec ns et ça a abouti hmdla sauf que j avais des zones dégarnies où les cheveux ont commencé à repousser mais on peut trs bien voir que cette zone n est pas completement garnie Ps: j l applique quotidiennement Et je fais un bain d hiles hebdo ( hco , coconut oilet e oil)

    Thank you!! i am super happy to hear you are satisfied,

    for the area left, you just need to continue using the product, some folliclesw may have different cycles, just keep massaging those babies, and hopefully in 4 weeks, you will see more growth.

  • Bonjour Dr Wima je vous savoir si ces groupement qu'on trouve dans les composants de la plupar de la gamme Cetaphile sont ils mauvais pour la peau car ya le parabane dans le nom "Butylparaben • Methylparaben • Propylparaben" Merci

    cetaphil cleanser is known to be great for sensitive skin because it is non-comedogenic and because of its ph it is easy to attract water moisture to the skin and therefore hydrates and does not irritate the skin (unlike soap) . parabens preserve cosmetic products, high concentrations are linked to possible cancer but not the small amount in cetaphil nor cosmetics. but parabens do not affect the effectiveness of a product, how good it works that is why dermatologists continue loving cetaphil.

  • Bonjour Wiam , j'ai des cernes bleu marron avec des rudules autour des yeux like panda eyes :( , j'en souffre et quand je met l'anti cernes il rentre dans les ridules meme si je le poudre tout en sachant que je n'ai que 25ans . Stp propose moi un produit qui pourra diminuer mes cernes et sera efficace pour les ridules merci bcp

    unfortunately you cannot make dark circles disappear but i suggest you start using a hydrating cream at night, and also right before applying concealer, THE best cream is the avocado cream by Kiehl's .. also make sure you hydrate your body and skin daily (clinique hydra serum) , sometimes small wrinkles are a sign of dryness

  • Hayy dr wima je te suis en snapchat et j'adore t snap et je suis vraiment besoin de votre avis a propos d'une publication que j'ai vu disante que prendre des capsules de collagène avec des capsules de vitamine c aide a éclairci la peau et le rendant plus nette ? Je veux commandé c'est deux produits est ce que ca peux m'aider et merciii d'avance dr ❤

    Hello Thank you! yes vitamin c and collagen will help clear the skin with a 3 months course maximum, also vitamin c serum is great

  • Dr Wima honey please i wanted to ask you if you recommand collagen to even the skin tone and help fading away the blemishes and acne marks? Thank you!

    yes collagen is great for that. you can use for 3 months max. also pair it with vitamin c (500 mg minimum) ...OZ naturals' vitamin c serum / hyaluronic acid is great,
    the biggest change (with 7 days) will be noticed after a chemical peel (my favorite is GOOD GENES LACTIC ACID) but your skin will get horribly worse before it clears

  • Bonsoir ma chérie, Tout d’abord, je te remercie pour le temps que tu nous consacre et te souhaite beaucoup de succès pour la suite. J’aimerais savoir s’il y a des compléments alimentaires ou vitamines efficaces pour les deux problèmes suivants : 1.J’ai un problème thyroïdien d’origine auto-immune : Les analyses montrent un taux très élevé d’anticorps (anti-thyroperoxydase) et un goitre à cause de l’inflammation localisée au niveau de la thyroïde = Aucun traitement ne m’a été prescrit par le médecin. (J’aimerais prévenir le problème pour faire baisser les anticorps parce que s’ils continuent à augmenter c’est fort probable que je développe une thyroïdite de hashimoto. 2.Je suis aussi anémique (taux de ferritine très très bas) = Le médecin m’a prescrit Ferplex, c’est un médicament pour augmenter le de taux de fer dans le sang. (Je n’en peux plus de ce médicament, j’ai envie de quelque chose de naturel : vitamines en gélule sa serait parfait). Le tout joue sur mon état physique : fatigue, j’ai toujours envie de dormir et mes cheveux tombent comme pas possible. C’est très long, je m’en excuse et te remercie encore. Bisous

    i will start with the anemia, unfortunately there is no other pill to reverse it except iron like the one you are currently taking. once you get used to it, it shouldnt cause you too many issues.

    as for the thyroid, specifically the auto-immune hashimoto's, i have a few life changing recommendations
    1) go gluten-free (no wheat) , sugar-free (as much as you can), lactose-free (almond/coconut milk). ALL Organic. period.
    it is big commitment but it will save your life.
    2) exercise 3 times daily minimum - yoga is the best choice
    3) do not stress
    4) take these supplements daily either in capsule or in food: vitamin D (400 UNITS) ZINC (50 MG) OMEGA FISH OIL (1000 MG)
    5) spice up your life!! DETOX with: turmeric, cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, lemon honey daily.


  • bonjour Dr Wima je veux des solutions pour les points noires que j ai sur mon nez ça devient très apparent je ne sais plus quoi faire

    i suggest the boscia black mask peel 1 or 2 times a week. and wash with clarisonic daily , also use clay masks weekly like the aztec one or the one from kiehl's.

  • Bonjour dr wima Je vous felicite pour tout ce que vous faites. J'ai un sacrè probleme et je voudrais avoir votre avis. J'ai fais il y a 3 mois un balayage avec coloration avec olaplex. Juste apres lavè mes cheveux ils avaient l'air brulè juste apres ils ont commencè a se casser sans les coupè g mnt un petit carrè ils sont dans 1 ètat tres grave. J'ai bcp deprimè j'ai pris des antidèpresseurs . Mnt je fais des huiles naturelles bcp dhuile que je melange je fais le hair mayonnaise les ampoules de l'oreal. Je fais osi neoxidil Est ce que vous pouvez m'aider parce que ma tete na plus aucune forme meme ac le brushing c degueulasse . La racine elle est bien mais en bas c catastrophique

    hey hunnie,
    i suggest to just keep it simple with applying hair complex oil daily and as a mask with coconut oil and aloe vera 1 or 2 times a week. also the "rescue me" hair mask by leila milani hair 1 time a week is great for the hair split ends.

  • Dr ,des produits contre les points noirs pleaaase ?

    i suggest the boscia black mask peel 1 or 2 times a week. and wash with clarisonic daily , also use clay masks weekly like the aztec one or the one from kiehl's.

  • Salut Dr Wima, je veux acheter les lentilles, Et j'ai une allergie des yeux du coup je ne sais pas si ça va me provoquer l'allergie ou pas !?

    it depends on the lenses , it honestly is a trial and error because each person is different.
    personally i csn only handle my korean lenses "barbie" and somewhat the freshlook ones. i suggest you start with freshlook before you try the other popular ones like solotica or anesthesia

  • Svp ma chére de wima je cherche un prô duit pour mes taches de rousseur et taches de soleil le quel vous me conseiller ??? Svp concernant maca et fenugrec est ce qu'il augmente le poids de tout le corps ou bien des zone précises ??

    for the sun spots, i suggest vitamin c serum and ambi cream at night on the spots.
    maca and fenugreek are great for feminine curves as they help regulate hormones (not general weight gain)

  • Svp dr wima c qoi la différence entre les lentilles hidrocor et naturel

    hidrocor do not have lines for a more intense look ... natural have lines to make it look like a natural pupil

  • Svp 3endi lhboub f wejhi machi bzaaf mais bon w tanakhd daba curacne tathbssou liua mais une tanhbess curacne tay3awd yrje3 liya bghit une solutiom svp

    you have to complete the curacne treatment first, do not go on and off, it will not work as well.

    once finished with the treatment then you can follow my advice with salicylic acid wash and tea tree oil but only after your skin is not sensitive


    you should be getting it by the 20th of october.

  • Hello DrWima! Thank you for the time you give to our questions. I have one please. What do you think of the products from the brand "Acnease"? Can you put them on the website if they're good?

    i have looked into it and not seen great feedback regarding this product so unfortunately , there is no added value in adding it to the website

  • Bonsoir, S'il vous plait, j'ai allez chez une dermato pour le chute des cheveux et aussi j ai un cheveux qui est trés trés faible elle m'a dit que j'ai un problème des hormones plus manque de fer, aussi elle m'a conseiller de ne pas utiliser des huiles sur la peau cheveuli et les racine pck j ai un oily hair est ce que ke px utiliser dr wima oil dans ce cas??

    you have to crrect your iron levels first
    and yes you can still use the hair complex oil and massage it in the scalp without issues.

  • Salut DR est ce que je peux trouvé qu'elle que chose pour les pellicule et les chutte a cause de l'allaitement et autre chose pour éclaircir mon visage j'ais la peaux hyper sèche merci d'avance je suis de Maroc

    for dandruff, you can use nizoral shampoo three times a week and also hair complex oil (thanks to its tea tree oil) which is also great for hair loss (put 2-3 drops in each spot and massage it into scalp daily)
    for dry skin, i heard great thing about kiehl's ultra facial cream

  • Hello Dr Wima! I still do not completely understand your payment method. Is it necessary to use paypal?

    yes for now , only paypal is going through as we have a temporary hold on the other payment options such as wafacash / attijari

  • Bonjour Wiam, Y a deux produit que je souhaite acheter mais j'hesite bcp vu les infos qui circulent un peu partout: Dr Song Teeth whitening stuff : apparement la dose maximale de peroside à utiliser est située entre 16% et 18% or le produit est dosé à 44% de Carbamide Peroxide. est ce vraiment nocif? j'ai une gencive normale..rien de particulier mais je ne veux pas m'aventurer. triple fat burner : y a plusieurs emissions US qui condamne ce produit pour avoir causé de grave problème de foie chez plusieurs sujets? tu es au courant? merci infiniment pour ton aide! Siham de Rabat

    - regarding Dr song , it is my favorite professional teeth whitening system. the Peroxide is highly regulated by the american dental association, there is no way the dose of 44% carbamide peroxide will hurt the consumer and still be sold on the shelf. there is a difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide,  Carbamide pero has hydrogen pero at a ratio of 1:3. For example, a product with 30% carbamide peroxide has about 10% hydrogen peroxide. so this makes the 44% within safe limit

    - regarding the triple fat burner, i am not aware of any liver toxicities and it will not make sense as it is a detoxifying of 3 types of teas.
    the concern that i always bring up when talking about triple fat burner is that it is a stimulant and will raise the heart rate and it is not recommended to people with heart issues . so i always suggest to start with just 1 capsule a day , and not take it with any caffeine until you observe how you tolerate it.
    for people that look for fast effortless weight loss, there is no other alternative outside of liposuction except these tea stimulants in the market, and triple fat burner (pair it with triple omega fish oil) is deemed to be the safest out currently

  • salut ma docteur préférée, je te suis diiima sur snapchat mais je préfère comme tu l'a demandé faire les choses en bonne et due forme et te demander ma question via le site :):):). As-tu und recette/ un produit pour discipliner mes cheveux crépus/frisés j'en souffre et m3a9dini j'ai tout essayé, je ne veux plus faire de tartiba ou kératine halkouli mon cuir chevelu. J'espère que tu pourrais m'aider. Love you ssoo much même si je ne recevrais pas de réponse à ma question... rabi i3awnek

    hey hunnie ,
    thank you for following instructions :)
    i would suggest weekly masks with hair complex oil and coconut oil, you will start loving the natural state of your hair. for something stronger, the leyla milani hair "rescue me" is a great hair mask too

  • Hello dr wila please can you tell me what are the different uses of vitamin E oil and thank you

    it is anti oxidant thaqt prevents aging of the skin
    it lightens dark spots
    moisturizes the skin

  • Hello DrWima! Can i still use the HCO knowing that i have a seborrheic dermatitis? I'm on my 5th bottle of HCO. Thank you!

    yes you can and the essential oils i it should be helping your seborrheic dermatitis

  • Hey Dr, g les cheveux gras, un peu pelliculés avec une chute de temps à autre quel shampoing me conseillerez-vous

    neutrogena T/gel Tar shampoo or a shampoo from the body shop wityh TEA TREE OIL
    also, hair complex oil is great for dandruff

  • Bonjour dr wima, que me conseille tu pour les cicatrices sur le visage et un teint non unifié?

    the best thing for unifiying skin color is vitamin c
    you can take it orally every day and apply the serum on the face daily (add vitamin e oil if your skin is not sensitive)

  • Hello dr wima, que conseille tu pour les poils incarnés et les cicatrices au maillot

    you have to exfoliate routinely to prevent ingrown hairs .
    for the scars in sensitive areas , i suggest using vitamin e oil 70,000 units with argan oil too . you can also add vitamin c serum to the mix around the areas that are not sensitive

  • Bonjour dr wima , je veux avoir ton avis sur funegrec ( l7elba ) . Est ce que c'est une bonne astuce pour grossir ? Est ce au'elle n'a pas d'effets secondaires ? Et comment devrais je l'utiliser ? Et pour combien de temps ? Merciii beaucoup

    fenugreek is a great product for feminine curves (it is present in all the breast augmentation and butt enhancement pills that are more expensive than taking it alone), the naqture's way one is taken as 1 capsule 2 times daily, you have to take it for 3 months minimum to see a noticeable result .

  • Hello dr wima . Je fais un massage avec l'huile de coco à mes seins pour augmenter leurs volumes est ce que c'est bien ? Mercii

    massaging the breasts daily helps a bit with the volume and keeps them healthy, using coconut oil no negative effects but it will not augment the size to a noticeable degree.

  • Est ce que l'huile de coco et bien pour le blanchiment des dents !

    coconut oil has great benefits on the HEALTH of your teeth and mouth in general due to its oil pulling benefits. use it daily it will keep your teeth shiny but not a whitening that is professional level

  • Hi Dr wima Please I want the mask of Peter Thomas Roth (pumpkin enzyme mask) if you can add it in your web site Also the blue edition of the real technique brushes Thanks in advance

    thank you for your suggestion, i will try to this coming weeks

  • Hello dr wima, quelle est la meilleure méthode pour éviter l'apparition de l'acné sur le visage ?

    have a great wash with a clarisonic to use daily
    then after your remove make up, exfoliate
    then use tea tree oil in a bit of cotton and wipe your face with it (sundown brand)
    watch what you eat, drink detox teas (green tea) and stay hydrated

  • Bonjour dr wima , j'ai un problème de cheveux . Mes cheveux ne poussent plus depuis un an et demi ! Aucun centimètre de Plus et je ne sais plus quoi faire j'ai tout essayé : huile de ricin , huile de sésame, huile d'ail ! Tout ! Mais rien n'y fait est ce que le HCO peut m'aider pour stimuler la pousse de mes cheveux ? Si oui lequel ?

    yes , the HCO has all the ingredients that might help stimulate your hair to grow.
    also, take hairtamin , a minimum of 3 months

  • Couco ma cherie merci pour tes effort et ges conseils bghit nswlk 3andi wahad khti 3andha les points noir o kaynodo liha lahboub mara mara lmohim wajaha masafich bghat takhod chi serum Bach tnashina O svp goli liya chi chompoing mezian o efficace sbarto o howa iwali bhal des pailles Hrach liya bezaf i kaytih bezaf o makayatwalch darya

    - for your sister, she needs to invest in a  clarisonic to clean her pores out daily, it prevents the buildup. also use a peel-off mask like the boscia black mask weekly

    - i am not an expert in shampoos but it sounds like you need masks for your hair. you will greatly benefit from hair complex oil / coconut oil and a hair mask like "rescue me" from leyla milani hair . as for the shampoo, i like ginger shampoo from the body shop

  • Bonjour Dr Wima, j'ai cherché la marque animate pour les capsules de vitamines E, mais en vain. J'ai besoin de ces capsules de vitamine, quelle marque et quelle pistes recommandez vous ? MErci par avance

    we carry the #1 usa pharmacist recommended brand which is nature's bounty : vitamin e 400 units on www.drwimashop.com

  • Docteur bonsoir SVP j'ai besoin de votre aide, jai reçu biotine comprimé, collagene c et eoil 30000 et eoil 70000 Comment je peux utiliser tout ca ? Les comprimés sont à prendre combien de fois par jour ? Au milieu , avant ou après les repas? Ça fait grossir ou pas ? Et pour les huiles aussi je les utilise comment ? Merci bcp

    - natrol biotin 10,000 mcg should be taken 1 tablet by mouth daily anytime is ok with or without food , no other instructions
    - collagen & vitamin c is to be taken once or twice daily with food if it bothers your stomach (if your sleep is sensitive it is best to not take the evening dose 3 hours before sleep) -  with lots of water. (do not exceed 3 months at a time for collagen)
    - vitamin e oil 30,000 and 70,000 are the same thing just one is a stronger dose, they are full of antioxidants and help to lighten the dark spots and moisturize the skin and prevent aging. you can apply to any area that needs care (be careful with sensitive skin) two times daily is best

  • wiwi ma pharmacist préférée stp j'avais déjà demandé un conseil pour les défrisages 3akdouni cha3ri stp un défrisage avec les moindres dégats j'en peux pluuus :(

    i would love to help but unfortunately i am not a hairdresser and this is out of expertise but i suggest you ask a hair dresser you trust. i prefer leaving the hair natural and treating it with beneficial oils like hair complex oil and coconut oil.

  • Salut ; stp je veux des vitamines fihom magnisium ; potasium et tt qui donne d energie merci

    Hello you can benefit from "one a day energy" it has all that you need for energy

  • bonjour de wima j'ai commencé à utiliser le haïr mayonnaise Africa's best depuis pas mal de temps à raison d'une fois par semaine soit en masque 2h avant le shampooing ou 15 min après le shampooing . ...le résultat est juste incroyable que j'ai pu enfin arrêter les brushing chaque semaine. ...alors je voulais savoir est ce qu'il contient des ingrédients qui peuvent être nocifs ou dangereux pour les cheveux à long terme ou qui peuvent causer une chute par la suite ,?? merci

    these are the ingredients in the hair mayonnaise:

    Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Dicetyldimonium Chloride, Polyquaternium-32, Lanolin Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Olea Europeaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, DMDM Hydantoin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Phenyl Trimethicone, Parfum (Fragrance), Dimethicone PEG-8 Laureate, Origanum Vulgare (Oregano) Leaf, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot)Seed Oil, Cholesterol, Soluble Collagen, Tocopherol, Ovum (Egg Powder), Panthenol, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, CI 19140 (Yellow 5), CI 42090 (Blue 1), CI 16035 (Red 40), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Equisetum Hiemale (Horsetail) Extract, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract.

    i don't advise overusing it due to the silicones, alcohols and the mineral oil... i prefer a more natural conditioner like coconut oil or one that has more natural products than chemicals if you are concerned about long term results